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Jai Sri Krsna

On 28 September 2011 10:33, Srikanta Narayanaswami <
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The above answers are being said out of context.What the question was is,if
> a seeker or an aspirant has reached the conviction that for him Karmas are
> of no use performing,should he continue to do the karmas.The answer from
> some is that leaving the kamya karmas,only nitya and the naimittaka karmas
> must be performed.

Apologies for this but I have been following this post for some time now and
although Srikantaji you are posting some thought provoking posts and with
relevant quotes from scriptures, commentaries, nonetheless your fundamental
statement regarding karma is flawed and hence everything else you try to
back it up with unfortunately is flawed.

akarma or the non performance of action can only apply to those who have no
sense of 'deorship'. Assuming everyone in this list is not yet a brahma
jnAni (he he :0) ), regardless of any philosophical background dharma
dictates we must perform our rituals for our three debts. There is no
getting out of this! Even the mere throught that I need not perform shrAddha
is if anything a firm affirmation that we consider ourselves kartA (doer)!

You can quote shankarAcArya until you go blue in the face, but this concept
remains ever true until brahma jnAna is attained and even then karma is
performed for the sake of society just like the present AcArya's now! I can
also see and share Sri Jaldharji's frustration in trying to explain this to
you time and time again.

No doubt your knowledge of the commentarial literature of shankara is
admirable but this area of karma should be looked upon as a holistic action
of dharma rather than on a ontological foundation


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