[Advaita-l] Sankara's praise of Buddha

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> From Puranic chronology Lord Buddha is dated 19th century BCE. Using
> astronomical software  and the astronomical data given in the Buddhist texts
> Dr. Narahari Achar found that Lord Buddha indeed lived in the 19th century.
> The historic Buddha had great regards for the Veda and told Bimbisara to
> perform the yajna as per the Vedic injunctions and not to sacrifice animals.
> He also told the brahmanas to understand the real meaning of the Veda. Any
> comment?

I don't think that tripurAsura-vadha was at that time and is anywhere
mentioned in texts related to this buddha.
Moreover, sunil ji or anyone may have done research in this field. I respect
their work. But, that's clearly opposed to both traditions, hindu and
bauddha. So, I keep it as third view.

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