[Advaita-l] Sankara's praise of Buddha

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We definitely know that buddha of purANa-s and this popular one are not same.


From Puranic chronology Lord Buddha is dated 19th century BCE. Using astronomical software  and the astronomical data given in the Buddhist texts Dr. Narahari Achar found that Lord Buddha indeed lived in the 19th century. The historic Buddha had great regards for the Veda and told Bimbisara to perform the yajna as per the Vedic injunctions and not to sacrifice animals. He also told the brahmanas to understand the real meaning of the Veda. Any comment?


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> What I was trying to point out is that Buddha is a historical figure
> with incontrovertible evidence for his existence and ministry.
> Trying to transport him into mythological story of Tripurasura
> samhara to discredit his teaching is immature and naive.

Saying this proves one immature.
We definitely know that buddha of purANa-s and this popular one are not
Purana-s have different stories. That doesn't match this buddha.
amara-koSha also counts two buddhas.
See both.
Now telling that both are same is of no use.
We have discussed it at many different forums and threads.
Forcing us to accept both as same will mean vyAsa came later. That's not a
talk of matures.

> Buddhism is the major religion of Asia and that itself is
> sufficient vouch for its credentials.

Why do you think that Hindu-s are not telling valid things and their
tradition is a non-genuine one ?

> We have to get out of the habit of thinking that only Hindus are
> best in the world in every respect.

We must also get out the habit to think that every non-Hindu is best and we
should accept his views and respect them anyhow.

> Objectivity in thought is
> really will help us.

For us our scriptures are source of valid knowledge. We don't rely on those
proofs only which you know.
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