[Advaita-l] cakra-s in patanjali yoga

Shrinivas Gadkari sgadkari2001 at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 20 05:43:57 CDT 2011

Namaste Shri Kabra,
> Reply: Can you please write the sutra. I could not locate any 
>such mention in Chapter-3 Vibhuti pada of Patanjali yoga darshanam.

I am including the relevant part of my original post, it has
the precise sutra numbers:

"Direct and indirect references to some cakra-s and atleast 
one nADI is found in yoga sUtra 3.30 (nAbhI cakra), 3.31 
(kaNTha kUpa cakra), 3.32 (kUrma nADI), 3.33 (some cakra 
related phenomenon in head), 3.35 (heart cakra)."

>Reply: Sutra 1 of chapter 2, Sadhana pada goes as;
>Tapah swAdhyaye ishwar pranidhAnAni kriya yogah
>This clearly indicates kriya yoga consists of tapas, swadhayaya 
>and ishwar sharanagati. How have you understood this as Kundalini 
>and chakra, pls explain.

What I was suggesting is: The mention of kriyA yoga in the
very first sUtra of sAdhanA pAda may be very significant.
It may very well be that the entire sAdhanA pAda, and vibUti 
pAda together is patanjali's treatise on kriyA yoga.

And then I was suggesting that we try to correlate this
with modern understanding of kriyA yoga.

In keeping with the tradition of vedas, patanjali is, on
purpose, concealing the kuNDalinI yoga within his
yoga sutra-s. I suspect, the topic of kuNDalinI was 
strictly reserved for oral transmission in vedic times. 


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