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Direct and indirect references to some cakra-s and atleast 
one nADI is found in yoga sUtra 3.30 (nAbhI cakra), 3.31 
(kaNTha kUpa cakra), 3.32 (kUrma nADI), 3.33 (some cakra 
related phenomenon in head), 3.35 (heart cakra).
Reply: Can you please write the sutra. I could not locate any such mention in Chapter-3 Vibhuti pada of Patanjali yoga darshanam.

But in general, yoga sUtra-s are not explicit about kuNDalinI
and cakra-s.

Another very important point that many people may miss is 
related to kriyA yoga. sAdhanA pAda, in the very first sUtra, 
talks about kriyA yoga. And, the ordering of rest of the sUtra-s 
in sAdhanA pAda can give an impression that the whole sAdhanA 
pAda is, in fact, an unfoldment of kriyA yoga. Then, vibUti 
pAda which is clearly a continuation of sAdhanA pAda, too, 
is an exposition of kriyA yoga. 
Reply: Sutra 1 of chapter 2, Sadhana pada goes as;
Tapah swAdhyaye ishwar pranidhAnAni kriya yogah
This clearly indicates kriya yoga consists of tapas, swadhayaya and ishwar sharanagati. How have you understood this as Kundalini and chakra, pls explain.

In this context, it is then important to realize that kriyA 
yoga, as is known to us today from what various disciples of 
kriyA bAbAji have written, is centered around kuNDalinI and 
Reply: Present day picture of kriya yoga which different people are using as per their convenience may mean anything but not as enumerated by Patanjali. For eg: Sri Sri Ravishankar in his classes considers it as an exercise with breathing. Some others likewise may mean it as Kundalini and chakras. 

Then, one might suspect, that hidden under the hood of yoga 
sUtra-s, lies the kuNDalinI yoga.

Reply: Not as per Patanjali sutras which is very clear. People may deduce their own conclusion by distorting to suit their own means.


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