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> If there is no such place called vaikunta, how can one attain saloka?
> What is the point of path of gods and manes? If one has bhagavat
> sakshatkara here, then this is vaikunta.

Vaishnavas accept two VaikunThas - one is prAkRta, within creation, just
like other worlds and the other is aprAkRta beyond creation.  It is only the
latter that is attained by liberated souls; the former is where souls go and
return, for example from where Jaya-Vijaya were banished.

'aprAkRta' is also actually within prakRti, a transformation of mAyA
bypassing the five elements.  'prAkRta' is a transformation of the pancha
bhUtas.  This distinction has been brought out by the Advaita Siddhi, I am

It is another matter that the Advaitic mukti is the only true mukti and all
others are only relative ones.



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