[Advaita-l] Pitru Paksha Questions

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Sun Sep 18 09:25:52 CDT 2011

 A learned Hindu professor has said that : " Ancestor worship, in some
form or other, is the beginning, the middle, and the end of what is
known as the Hindu religion."

Taittiriya Upanisad has said Deva Pitru Karyabhyam Na Pramaditavyam
You should not neglect duties to the gods and ancestors.

But now people are neglecting Pitru Karmas. Sraddha is very important
Karma. What is Sraddha ? Pitrunuddishya Viprebhyo Dattam
Sraddhamudahrutam. Giving to Brahmins thinking it is for Pitrus is

Some questions.

1 If father is weak and not capable of performing Pitru Karmas can son
do them ? Can he do them with Pracinaviti  that is Apasavya position
in the sacred thread?

2 Two Brahmins are fed food in the Sraddha. Can one Brahmin be
sufficient? If Brahmins are not available can you use Darbha

3 In some Sraddhas I did not notice Pani Homa  offerings made in the
right hand of Brahmin. Right hand of Brahmin has Agni in it. Homa is
performed in it. Agni Mukha Vai Devaha Panimukha Vai Pitaraha. For
gods food goes through Agni for Pitrus it goes through Brahmin.
Satisfaction of Brahmins is pleasing to Pitrus.  This Pani Homa is
compulsory or can be skipped?

4 Some people say Sraddha must be performed in Mahalaya but some
people Sankalpa Sraddha can be performed in Pitru Paksha but some
people say Tarpana is enough no need to do even Sankalpa Sraddha. In
Sankalpa Sraddha there is no Pinda Pradana. In Tarpana only Tila and
water tarpana is offered. What is correct?

5. What is Sakrun Mahalaya ?



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