[Advaita-l] Difference between Sankhya and Yoga.

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Subject: [Advaita-l] Difference between Sankhya and Yoga.
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Respected Sir,
I am talking about the Patanjali yoga sutra bhashya consisting of four padas. (The original sanskrit text) We had a discussion and nobody could show any yogasutra reference on Kundalini and chakras. 

Kindly throw some light with reference to original text. It will be helpful.
Thanks and regards,
Sudhakar Kabra
What we see in the Yoga sutra is an abridged version that we find of  Yoga darshana.With this you will never find the terms you are mentioning.What we find today as Yoga darshana is a set of excercises as Asanas.Infact,we donot find explanations on many aspects.
Agreed that the Patanjali yoga sutra is very compact in the form of aphorism and also difficult to understand. I thought it described the original yoga darshana since it came direct from the rishi Patanjali. Kindly inform what other constitute the yoga darshana.
 If you are talking about explanations by present day writers then this has come later and who knows what is the real essence, unless reconciled with the main text.
Agreed that the present understanding of many people today is only asanas for body fitness. But this is not the true essence of yoga darshana.
Sudhakar Kabra
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