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Thu Sep 15 05:14:05 CDT 2011

Hare Krishna

>  I changed the subject line as you are not stopping your discussion on 
this subject :-))

I thought you were able to read Devanagari on your computer.  At least so
far you have not complained about this. 

> Infact I had said earlier also about my problem in Sanskrit letters in 
my computer.  Sri Ananda Hudli prabhuji had tried offline to help me to 
get rid of this problem but due to some limitation in my accessibility it 
was not through.  If the mails are written completely in devanAgari, then 
it is as good as 'brahma jnAna' for me :-)) 

This is the bhashyam, in part, for the BG verse 11.54:

// na kevalam jnAtum shAstrataH, draShTum cha sAkShAtkartum tattvena
tattvataH, praveShTum cha mokSham cha gantum cha parantapa//

I showed this vAkyam for its containing the word 'sAkShAtkArtum'.

> no problem with the word 'sAkshAtkAra' but the interpretation.  If it is 
meant in such a way that it is a subsequent step AFTER vedAnta vAkya 
janita 'paramArtha jnAna' then problem starts to fill the gap between 
jnAna AND sAkshAtkAra :-))

This is when there are no pratibandhaka-s. 

>  shravaNAdi pratyaksha sAdhana-s are there to remove these 
pratibandhaka-s..is it not?? :-))

If they are present, even if vAkyArthajnAna takes place avidyAnivRtti rUpa 
mokSha does not come about. He may have to wait for one or more births for 
the pratibandhaka to end.
BSB is clear about this.

>  Kindly tell me in which sUtra shankara comment like this??  As far as 
my knowledge goes shankara somewhere comments that sravaNAdi means may not 
give true knowledge invariably in this life.  Knowledge may come in a 
subsequent life if there any obstacle for it.  But he further clarifies 
that spiritual freedom is the immediate consequence of the knowledge of 
Atman. evam Atma vishayaM vijnAnaM yatkAlaM, tatkAla eva tad vishaya 
ajnAnatorObhAvaHsyAt clarifies shankara in bruhad bhAshya.  So till that 
Atmaikatva samyak jnAna, depends upon his eligibility,  an aspirant has to 
continue his shravaNAdi pratyaksha sAdhana. 

'dhyAnena Atmani pashyanti kechit AtmAnam AtmanA..' of the 13 chapter. 

>  dhyAna is purusha tantra, kartuM, akartuM anyathA kartum shakyaM see 
tattu samanvayAt sUtra bhAshya...jnAna is not like that coz. it is vastu 
tantra..So we have to be careful while talking about 'dhyAyena Atmani 
pashyanti', dhyAna on Atma & 'darshana' of Atman in dhyAnAvastha etc.  It 
has its own meaning according to the context of advaita siddhAnta.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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