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The verse is quoted in the book: 'Sri Appayya Dikshita' (p.66,67) by
Dr.N.Ramesan, IAS.  He has not mentioned the particular text where this
verse appears.  It is quite possible that it was a stray verse of Appayya
Dikshita. In many places Dr.Ramesan gives the source too while quoting a
single verse or many verses of Dikshita in that book.

The verse, in full, and its meaning:
// viShNurvA shankaro vA shruti-shikhara-girAmastu tAtparya-bhUmiH
 na-asmAkam tatrva vAdaH prasarati kimapi spaShTam-advaita-bhAjAm |
kintu-Isha-dveSha-gADhAnala-kalita-hRRidAm durmatInAm duruktIH
bhanktum yatno mama-ayam nahi bhavatu tato viShNu-vidveSha-shankAm ||

The meaning of the above beautiful verse is:

'I have not the slightest objection, to anyone coming to any
conclusion, that the spirit of the Vedas and the Vedantas, declare
either Vishnu or Shiva as the First God. I am a follower of the
Advaita doctrine. I have no difference between Shiva and VishNu.
But if in order to establish Vishnu as the main God, if somebody
starts abusing Shiva or hates him, I cannot bear it. There are as
many proofs or pramanas in the Vedas, Vedantas, Puranas and Agamas to
establish that Shiva is a mighty God, as there are to prove that Vishnu is a
powerful one. However, I am propagating my religion and indulging in debate
and disputation, only to persuade everyone not to hate Shiva. Let no one
have the slightest doubt that I either hate or wish to denigrate Lord Vishnu
simply because I praise the grace and greatness of Lord Shiva.'

The sublime devotion of Dikshita to Lord Vishnu is fully seen from
his great work 'Varadaraja stava' where he has sung in ecstatic
poetry about Lord Varadaraja of Kanchipuram. Vaishnavas declare that Vishnu
is the supreme being and that Shiva has a lower status being mere jiva. Sri
Dikshita however proves in his 'Ratna-traya- parIkShA' that Shiva, Vishnu,
Ambika, all the three are the same, viz., the supreme reality, and proves it
with the pramanas taken from the puranas, vedas and agamas. //

The above is quoted from the book: 'Sri Appayya Dikshita' (p.66,67) by
Dr.N.Ramesan, IAS.

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Hari OM~
Dear members,

I am looking for a reference for the following shloka of Sri Appayya

viSNur vA shankaro va shruti shikara girAM astu tAtparya bhUmiH

Kindly let me know the textual source of this verse please.

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