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> As animals have a well developed nervous system, they suffer a lot of pain
> and fear when killed. So, we should abstain from meat. It does not matter
> if there is sin or not associated with it. Even if it is in our nature
> to desire meat, we should abstain from it for the welfare of the animals.
> Some scientific studies show that small quantities of alcohol have health
> benefits. But many of the processes of making alcohol involve use of animal
> products. So, if one takes alcohol it should be from a vegan or vegetarian
> process. But alcohol has the ability to get one addicted and obsessive
> reliance on external stimulants should be avoided. Also, our traditional
> systems are based deep insights and we should conduct a detailed study on
> the neurological impact of alcohol - even in small quantities. It may
> reveal that the impact on our ability to discriminate or cause plasticity
> of the brain.
> There has to be regulation of carnal pleasures through an early marriage.
> It definitely ensures social stability. But a grahastha should be
> physically fit and well versed in kama shastra so that he can enjoy in
> accordance with dharma. Without learning control of breadth and the mind,
> the right kind of food and life style etc., the quality of sex is
> degrading.
Fertility of modern males is going down because of pollution and
drinking alcohol, smoking and allopathic medicines. Alcohol can cause
impotence also. Naturally sex performance is poor. For females the
fertility decreases rapidly with aging. This is why in olden days they
used to get girls married very early.  Ayurvedic herbs like
Ashwagandha  and Shilajit for males and Shatavari for females may be
used. Kapikacchu is good for improving fertility of both males and

>From science point also meat eating is bad because the animals are
high in the food chain. The effect of pesticides and dangerous
chemicals will get multiplied in higher food chain levels. From eating
vegetables at the bottom of the food chain the bad effect of
pesticides and chemical fertilizers will be minimized.



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