[Advaita-l] Fwd: On avidyA being anirvachanIya etc

subhanu saxena subhanu at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 22 16:21:39 CST 2011

Ramesh Krishnamurthy wrote: I would request you, if possible, to put up an article that clearly brings
out the specific points (at least with respect to avidyA) being made by the
SSS school and how they differ from commonly held traditional positions.
You need not quote from the NS, TUBV, etc. Just let us have a complete
picture of your thinking on avidyA.  Namaste, Ramesh, I will be travelling for a couple of weeks but will certainly provide what you ask for when I am back. Your response has indeed given me the answer I was looking forward to, by stating so unequivocally the figurative nature of Avidya.I can also correct straight away your misconception that SSS is actually making a "claim" about avidyA. More of this in my note when I send it.I note also many have misunderstood SSS' position which I hope my response will correct, to the best of my ability. Regards Subhanu 		 	   		  

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