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Whatever you do, don’t just accept a view because you read it /heard it somewhere without applying your own critical reflection. As kalidāsa says :
purāṇam ityeva na sādhu sarvam, na chāpi kāvyam navam ityavadyam 
santah parῑkṣāṇyantarad bhajante, mūdhah para-pratyaya-neya buddhih (mālavikāgnimitram I.2)
Just because something is old it doesn’t make it right, also a poem should not be ridiculed just because it is new
The wise carefully examine and weigh up their own views; the slow-witted of us just follow somebody elses view.

Subhanuji - PraNAms

I concur strongly with your above statement while I do differ for the same reason from your statements relating to Avidya. Coming from a science background I look from understanding the issues involved than just follow a tradition. 
Hari Om!

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