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Sriram - PraNAms
If I have listed along with prakaraNa granthaas then I am wrong. 
The rest I agree with your email. 
About Ramagita, I still would not recommend that for beginners. It took me several hours of class time to unravel the first sloka - vishvam darpaNa. Basic definitions are taught using tatva bodha text as I know. 
Even for Gita Discourses Swami Chinmayanandaji used to take one or two classes in the explanation of his famous BMI chart - which is essentially a pictorial representation of the tatva bodha text. 
Hari Om!

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Pujya Sadaji,
Can Bhagavat Gita be considered as prakarana grantha ?.  I am afraid.  It comes under prasthana traya.
BTW, to study the Advaita Siddhanta, per se, Bhagavat Gita "sans" Sankara Bhashya 
is a flavourless recipe.  And Sankara Bhashya of BG for a layman is a hard nut to crack.
As regards Dakshinamurty Stotra,  one need not go thru the Manasollasa to understand
the basic tenets of Advaita.  A simple explanation of the stanzas alongwith pratipadArtha
gives the basic idea of what the underlying principle is and the relation between Jagat-Ishwara-Jiva and the mahavakya "tat tvam asi". 
Any comments, i stand corrected.
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