[Advaita-l] Can a mithyA-vastu produce an effect? असत्यवस्तुनः अर्थक्रियाकारित्वम्

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> Namaste
> 2011/5/20 V Subrahmanian <v.subrahmanian at gmail.com>:
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> > Does the shell-contains-silver logic hold good even to rope-snake error?
> > Does the rope contain a snake in some subtle form?  Does the mirage
> contain
> > any quantity of water?
> >
> Yes it holds good. The mirage is true Jnana. The water is there in
> light and earth. But because of defective eye and Adrushta the light
> and earth are not seen. The water only is seen. This is the mirage.
> Page 122. There is a Sribhashya Vakya Maricikajalajnane Api Tejaha
> Prithivyorapi Ambuno Vidyamanatvat Indriyadoshena Tejaha Prithivyoho
> Agrahanat Adrushtavashacca Ambunaha Grahanat Yatharthatvam. The mirage
> water is real water.

One cannot grasp 'just' the water to the exclusion of the ground, prithvi,
and the light, tejas, there. No one gets the mirage water experience when
there is no bright sunlight ( or by *moonlight* when there is little
likelihood of *mirage*. *...)*.  Even to cognize that there is water,
(natural) light is essential.  And water cannot be without a support; the
ground.  Thus it is impossible for anyone to get the perception of just the
water and not the light and earth.

Why does it not serve to quench one's thirst?  In the world we see that
yathartha jnanam serves some purpose in life by satisfying needs. If water
is capable of being grasped by the eye, it cannot be of any insignificant
quantity. That too, in a small area, the concentration of water perceived is
quite significant.  We cannot bring in the 'tonnes of sand' argument to
extract considerable quantity of water.

It is admitted that the sUkShma bhUtas, in a  state before panchIkaraNam,
are only yogipratyakSha.  If someone can perceive water by not perceiving
light and earth, he has to be a really accomplished yogi.  When do we say an
indriya is doshayukta?  Only when it is not able to grasp what it should be,
what it is meant for, grasping normally.  In marIchikAjalam, there is the
sand and extremely bright light.  Prakasha /tejas is the viShaya for
chakShuH.  Water, in the absence of light, is only sparsha/rasa graahyam.
The chakshuH, that too defective, is incapable of grasping just the water to
the exclusion of tejas and prithvI.  In the method suggested by the
srIbhAShyam a mirage water experience is possible only by sparshendriya,
either by touching with hands or by placing the eye  to the ground to feel
the water. The BhAShyam brings about a queer situation of the millions of us
who get a mirage-water illusion every day being classified as Yogi-s.  For
only a yogi is admitted to have the capacity to perceive the
apanchIkRta/atrivRtkRta bhUta sUkShmas.  All the bhutas that we now perceive
and handle in daily life is only after panchikaranam.  So, it is impossible
for anyone to grasp just the water, that too with a defective eye.
अम्बुनि अपि तेजःपृथिव्योर्विद्यमानत्वात्, तौ विहाय अम्बुमात्रग्रहणमशक्यं
योगिनं विहाय केनापि । यथा नीरक्षीरविवेकः हंसस्यैव साध्यः ।


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