[Advaita-l] buddha : according to purANas and other hindu-texts

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I might reply to this, if you can tell me what the purANa tells about Adi 

I am specifically interested in what the padma purANa says about Adi Shankara.

One more related question: Since it is a purANa(padma purANa in this case) which 
speaks about Adi Shankara misleading people with mAyAvAda.. do you believe 
everything the padma purANa says about Adi Shankara. If yes no question. If no, 
i am interested in knowing why.


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What do purANas say about buddha ?
Someone told in a thread @ advaita-l group that buddha incarnated at time of
tripuradAha to deviate asuras from worship of shrI-shiva. If this is
according to purANa, then buddha told there is not this popular buddha for

So, a natural question arises :
Do purANas tell about same buddha who was born about 2500 years ago and
whose followers are seen today ?

Please, reply according to the views of purANa and hindu-texts only. I'm not
interested in any other version.

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