[Advaita-l] buddha : according to purANas and other hindu-texts

श्रीमल्ललितालालितः lalitaalaalitah at gmail.com
Fri May 20 15:22:41 CDT 2011

What do purANas say about buddha ?
Someone told in a thread @ advaita-l group that buddha incarnated at time of
tripuradAha to deviate asuras from worship of shrI-shiva. If this is
according to purANa, then buddha told there is not this popular buddha for

So, a natural question arises :
Do purANas tell about same buddha who was born about 2500 years ago and
whose followers are seen today ?

Please, reply according to the views of purANa and hindu-texts only. I'm not
interested in any other version.

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