[Advaita-l] on the term Bauddhavatara.

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> >OK. Sir, I'll do as you said.
> >But a person well versed in things related to buddha is expected to
> propound
> >any theory in a manner that others can understand and check its validity.
> What you said is reasonable. But I would like to add that one cannot expect
> to
> transfer all the

When anyone says anything against our view (advaita), we never do so.

> base research that is done to arrive at some conclusions, by a couple of
> postings in a forum.

Then you must find some way to make us understand. This is your problem and
you must solve it to be effective.

> This can be done if the other person, has some reasonable knowledge on the
> subject or atleast is willing to know/learn...

We refute even opponents and propound our view. We do not expect every one
to be our shiShya.

> but otherwise it is very time
> taking for the other person. This becomes especially hard when the
> candidate has
> an attitude where she/he takes everything including stories(however
> nonsensical
> or fanciful they may be) in their tradition as being true and tries to use
> those stories as some sort of pramANa to invalidate a similar story in
> another
> tradition.. It is like disproving obscurum per obscurius.

I already said there that your every pramANa is just a story in similar way.

> This is also one of reasons, I did not continue with you further on the
> other
> thread related to similar topic.

Reasons even untold by you are clear after talking to you and sunil. Thanks.

> I will not say more except for the following:
> ..bauddha darshana rUpA cha mahAtripura sundarI - from the bAlA tripura
> sundarI
> sahasranAma
> Likewise think about the the clear invoking of buddha in lalitA mahAtripura
> sundarI trailokyamohana kavacha - These are there for a reason... it is
> better known through one's own study than being spoonfed on this.

What do you want to prove by it ?
Every darshana is there in shrI-chakra and devI has taken form of every
darshana.... then...
It doesn't prove that buddha was vaidika. If so chArvAka and jaina will be
vaidika too in your way of thinking because they are also there and are also
a form of devI.

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