[Advaita-l] on the term Bauddhavatara.

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> 1)
> Now I understand that you went to Gaya but  did not hear about the
> tradition that Lord Buddha was the first person to offer Pinda there.
Yes, I didn't. Tell me where to go to get that or any book. I'll test it's

You can go there again and enquire.

> 2)
> Do you know which of the two (ie. the Nitya and the Naimittika karma)
> includes Kamya-karma?
Lord Buddha stopped doing the Naimittika karma

> 3)
> You said "I'll try to not blame buddha if you are ready to provide proof."
> You have to read up about Lord Buddha and his philosophy first before
> entering into discussions on that. Of course if you want to blame Lord
> Buddha without knowing about him and his philosophy who can prevent you?
Evidences which I asked and list to books to be read please.

First means first. Don't try to make first the second. First you have to read up on that  . Go to a library or a good bookshop nearest to you and you may get some books there and at least you can make a beginning and from that itself you will know what other books to read. You may try the Internet also on the details of the book available on Lord Buddha,. Motilal Banarsidass also has many books on that subject.

> 4)
> Once before I requested you to give your introduction and you shied away.
> If you are shy to give in public you may send that to me by private mail.
> You might have given that in the group before I joined the group.
I already said that treat me as a person opposed to or testing validity of
your view. I'm just that for you.

I am not overly interested in knowing about you. I think you could have given that much information as was released while introducing you to the group. If you want some people like me not to know about you at all, it is okay for me and I shall try to remember that.

> 5)
> You have never visited Ramkund where Lord ram offered Pinda.
Are you claiming ? Wow.. a sign of sarvaGYtvam !!!
Common sense. You did not know that Lord Ram and MotherSita stayed in Nasik and there is the Ramkund in Godavari where Lord Ram gave Pinda.
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