[Advaita-l] on the term Bauddhavatara.

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> 1)
> Now I understand that you went to Gaya but  did not hear about the
> tradition that Lord Buddha was the first person to offer Pinda there.
Yes, I didn't. Tell me where to go to get that or any book. I'll test it's

> 2)
> Do you know which of the two (ie. the Nitya and the Naimittika karma)
> includes Kamya-karma?

> 3)
> You said "I'll try to not blame buddha if you are ready to provide proof."
> You have to read up about Lord Buddha and his philosophy first before
> entering into discussions on that. Of course if you want to blame Lord
> Buddha without knowing about him and his philosophy who can prevent you?
Evidences which I asked and list to books to be read please.

> 4)
> Once before I requested you to give your introduction and you shied away.
> If you are shy to give in public you may send that to me by private mail.
> You might have given that in the group before I joined the group.
I already said that treat me as a person opposed to or testing validity of
your view. I'm just that for you.

> 5)
> You have never visited Ramkund where Lord ram offered Pinda.
Are you claiming ? Wow.. a sign of sarvaGYtvam !!!

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