[Advaita-l] on the term Bauddhavatara.

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Had you been to Gaya?

Yes. I went there.

> Had you read the Buddhist suttas?
No. I've not.

   1. What do they say about buddha's shrAddha ?
   2. How could you believe those which are written by later-bauddhas ?
   3. If you believe them, then why don't you have faith in their texts
   refuting veda and it's followers ?

 No Lord Buddha was not confused at all.

It appeared from your words.

> Lord Buddha did not want one to go on accumulating  karmaphal by doing work
> for one's own self-interest.

OK. So, he didn't want people to do kAmya-karma.
Did he expected this from all people or from those who are desirous of
mokSha ?
If first, then it was in vain. Not all people lack desire of world.
If second, he must have said that clearly. Atleast, our Veda and AchAryas do

 He wanted one to perform only  those rituals where no self-interst is
> involved.

So, he was not opposed to nitya and naimittika karma. How could you say that
? A person who denies authority of a shAstram in a portion is actually
denying it in whole. remember 'ardhajaratI-nyAya'.
Another thing, you said in previous post that he didn't want
naimittika-karma to come in way of dharma. Now you are saying that he was
not opposed to that. Do you know definitions of karma ? Or, are you saying
anything which suits you ?
naimittika-karma is also dharma. So, what do you mean by saying 'come in
way' ?

If my language did not convey that then you can attribute it to my lack of
> linguistic profficiency  but please do not cast aspersion on Lord Buddha.

I'll try to not blame buddha if you are ready to provide proof.

> I have not heard that Lord Ram and Mother Sita want any time to Gaya to
> perform Shraddha. To my knowledge they gave Pinda only at Ramkund in Nasik.

I think you've never visited gayA and asked people there about this.

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