[Advaita-l] on the term Bauddhavatara.

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Had you been to Gaya? Had you read the Buddhist suttas?

No Lord Buddha was not confused at all. Lord Buddha did not want one to go on accumulating  karmaphal by doing work for one's own self-interest. He wanted one to perform only  those rituals where no self-interst is involved. If my language did not convey that then you can attribute it to my lack of linguistic profficiency  but please do not cast aspersion on Lord Buddha.

I have not heard that Lord Ram and Mother Sita want any time to Gaya to perform Shraddha. To my knowledge they gave Pinda only at Ramkund in Nasik. 

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> Traditionally it is believed that Lord Buddha was the first to have
> performed pindadaana in gaya.

In which tradition ?
At least we heard that rAma and sItA went gayA for piNDadAnam. And they went
because dharma-shAstra says so and their ancestors did same. So, buddhA was
not 'first'.
If bauddha-tradition tells such things, then .. !!!???

> Buddha did not want  the naimittika rituals to come in the way of Dharma
> but he did perform rituals, which are ordained..
So, he was confused !!!
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