[Advaita-l] Reference to Boudhavatara in sankalpa

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Thu May 12 11:10:01 CDT 2011

Dear Srikantha,
With reference to the above discussion,I am curious to know why the reference to "Boudhavatara"is introduced in saying the sankalpa in sandhyavandanam mantra?
Regarding this issue, there are some heated discussions.  But here is the clarification 
from my side after due consultation with my friend & tarkAchArya at Sringeri Shri Naveen Holla and also the veda pAThasAla principal Shri Krishna Bhatt:
As regards the rAma kShetra:
Since Sringeri is in Chikmagalur district which is on Western Ghats (above sea level), the geographical area on western ghats is termed as "rama kshetra" and the geographical location along the western ghats (the portion which is below sea level) is called parashurama kshetra.
As regards the bauddhAvatAra:
This is referred to Lord Buddha.  Further to our discussion, they said that, Lord Buddha is a highly misunderstood personality and it is his disciples who propagated the nAstika mata of Buddha.  Buddha maintained diplomatic silence on this issue.  However, it is the mAdhyamika bauddha that is being criticized by Sankara.
Hope everything is clear now.
Dear Jaladharji,
As regards the dEsa / kAla samkIrtana in Sandhya, there are some abhiprAya bhEdAs among the region to region which is again based on one's guruparampara.
However, when i asked Shri Narendra Kapreji about this sankalpa, he confirmed that he himself doesn't follow this sankalpa.  He just utters "mama upAtta duritakshaya....sandhyAM upAsiShyE".  Shri Kapreji confirms that for nityakarmas, this sort of sankalpa is not mandatory.  The shruti prOkta sandhya doesn't mention all these except shrauta achamana, marjana, arghya, gayatri japa, suryopasthana etc.
BTW, i perform sandhya with sampUrNa sankalpa and that is how i have been taught.


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