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Siva Senani Nori sivasenani at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 28 20:41:32 CDT 2011

Sri Srikanta

> Exactly,The issue is not on basic grammar but the use of the 
> word"madhyamam"or"madhyagam"I have also seen in most of the cases the 
> word"madhyagam"is used.Here the word  "madhyamam'is used as a noun,but the 
> word"madhyagam"is used as a verb.

-- Could you explain how madhyagam may be used as a verb?

> There is nothing wrong in using this way 
> considering the context in which it is used.I donot have any personal 
> as you say,but,the meaning and the context is more clear with "madhyagam",both 

> grammatically as well as the context point of view.

-- Especially, in light of your above claim that 'madhyagam' is a better reading

> In sanskrit grammar, many a 
> time a "nipatha"is used in the context,without any meaning.That is all.

-- Why have you brought up nipAtas here? There is no nipAta involved in 
madhyamaam or madhyagam. Or, if you mean that it is okay to have some words 
without meaning in slokas, please note that such an option is to be taken only 
when one cannot explain what is meant by the words and even there meanings like 
"indeed" or "verily" work well.

-- We respect saampradaayika Slokas, but if one is incapable of supporting them 
with relevant arguments, one must be quiet, not repeatedly assert their 
superiority - especially over other saampradaayika readings - without any reason 
or rhyme.

May there be more sense, and less non-sense in this list.

N. Siva Senani


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