[Advaita-l] More records - last part

Satish Arigela satisharigela at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 23 00:10:48 CDT 2011


>We say a mantra there is always a Devata for that mantra. This Devata
>will give the result.


> Simply muttering that mantra itself will not
>give the Phala.  


>The Devata will be pleased with Bhakti. You cannot
>ignore this. 

No disagreement here.

>You cannot ignore Sraddha because many places it is
>written the mantra must be said with Sraddha and Bhakti.  Sraddha
>Bhakti Samanvitaha. 

I agree again..bhakti is definitely required. As for shraddha, mantra practice 
does not yield fruit without shraddha. The only disagreement I had with other 
members is on what shraddhA means. Where I on the strength of the upAsaka-s I 
know and on examining various tantra-s & on the opinion of tAntric 
practitioners took the stand that belief(as is understood) is not required, but 
the way shatapatha brAhmaNa describes( I am depending on shrI Sriram's 
description here) shraddhA makes perfect sense and seems applicable to mantra 
practice. The other definition of shraddhA intertwined with vishvAsa is only 
applicable for vedAnta.

>The Devata will give the result when he feels pleased.  My friend has
>practiced the mantra for a long time. Only sometimes he was saying it
>emotionally. He has Bhakti and Sraddha. 

Oh ok. Then I go by your judgement as I do not know the complete details 
It is just that your earlier mention did not completely describe the scenario 
and hence I was skeptical as usual. 


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