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On Wed, Mar 23, 2011 at 1:22 AM, Satish Arigela <satisharigela at yahoo.com> wrote:
> namaste,
>> But she went away with her family to
>>some unknown place This was 1992 so no mobile phones were there. But
>>he was madly in love. He always repeated a mantra of Devi day and
>>night sometimes with tears in eyes.
> I definitely dont see this as a mAntric practice. mantra-s are supposed to be
> recited with a calm mind.
> The shAstra advises that mantra japa should not be done when the manas was
> overcome with dukha or any other strong emotions. The only exception to this may
> be during extreme bhaya or in some rare cases.
> A tAntrika or mantrin indulges in mantra practice with utmost ekAgrata and not
> with other thoughts.
> I see their union as just coincidence and i see no reason why mantra-s should be
> dragged into this picture

We say a mantra there is always a Devata for that mantra. This Devata
will give the result. Simply muttering that mantra itself will not
give the Phala.  The Devata will be pleased with Bhakti. You cannot
ignore this. You cannot ignore Sraddha because many places it is
written the mantra must be said with Sraddha and Bhakti.  Sraddha
Bhakti Samanvitaha. You cannot say the Devata is forced to give result
by the power of the mantra even when there is no Sraddha and Bhakti
because it is baseless. The Devata is not like a ignorant machine. He
can understand Bhakti and Sraddha.

The Devata will give the result when he feels pleased.  My friend has
practiced the mantra for a long time. Only sometimes he was saying it
emotionally. He has Bhakti and Sraddha. The Devata will give result.
I believe this example was because of Devata Anugraha pleased with
Mantra only.  It is  not coincidence.



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