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Our classical literature emphasizes that it is important to understand the meaning of mantra and mere repeating mantra is totally useless. 

tajjapastadrthabhaavanam || samaadhipaada 28 ||

Meaning - recite the meaning of mantra.

mantraarthaM mantracaitanyaM yo na jaanaati saadhakaH |
shatalaxaprajapto.api tasya mantro na siddhyati ||

Meaning - A mantra does not attain its potency even when one recites mantra for millions of time without knowing the meaning and the significance of that mantra.

Most of Swami's make mantra as mystique only for for their selfish motives for creating "shaddha" (andha-shraddha) and that is how folks like Nityananda and Prakashanada manifest in the US market place.

IMO - The viveka, the faculty of discrimination is the greatest virtue that needs to be followed by any and all individual aspirant.  Finally, knowledge has to dawn on the individual saadhaka and it is his own responsibility to make sure that what he thinks he has understood is correct. 

There cannot be any higher guru that you yourself. So become your own guru.


Dr. Yadu

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Thank you for taking the trouble. I have issues with many depictions, but I will 
merely state the over-arcing theme: whatever be the reasons, over a thousand 
years, over vast tracts of land, we the sanaatanadharmis have failed to arrest 
the attack on our way of life using the mantraSAstra in whichever capacity. If 
it cannot be invoked to make a difference over such a large extent of time and 
space, whatever potency it has - or whatever is required to invoke that potency 
(that we lacked in the last fifty generations) - does not help. 


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