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Dear Sadhaka Mahaseya's,
                                           After a long time to post in this 
forum again, here is some information about hanuman. Matter is taken form 
Kadambari. Infromation is usefull to all. 

Hanuman & SRIVIDYA
­Hanuman replied,
                             “From the point of view of this body, I am your 
servant. From the point of life energy within me, I am infinitesimal particle of 
you. But realistically speaking, YOU and I are one and the same”.
This same high philosophy is echoed is Adi Shankaracharya’s Advaita epiphany, 
Manisha Panchakam. Upon hearing Hanuman’s reply, Sri Ram embraced Hanuman with 
affection and respect. Hanuman and Sri Rama are indeed one and the same. We have 
the dictum, “Sri Ramo Lalithambika, Sri Krishna Syamalatmika”.
There is an interesting anecdote in the form of dialogue between Siva and 
Parvathy. When Siva proposed to incarnate as Hanuman, Parvathy asked him, “What 
is my role?”. Siva smilingly replied that Parvaty would be his tail. Therefore, 
Hanumans’ tail is parvathy and Hanuman is Siva. Hanuman is thus the combination 
of Siva and Shakti. He is the embodiment of Sivashakhtiaikyam.  

Once, by tearing open his chest, Hanuman demonstrated the presence of Sri Rama 
and Sri Sita in his Daharakasa. Hanuman is the rarest combination of FAITH, 
There is a beautiful prayer of Hanuman, addressing the Divine mother Para 
Bhattarika Lalitha Maha Tripurasundari. Hanuman prays thus:
“Amba, be pleased with me. I am a small child lying in your lap, I don’t know 
how to speak and even if I did know how to speak now, I could not now because my 
mouth is busy drinking milk from your breast. 

Can any surrender be greater than this?
Meditate on Hanuman in your chidakasa. Let Hanuman, be slowly transformed into 
Sri Rama and Sri sita, who after some time get transfigured as Siva and Shakti. 
One can start meditation with one’s Guru  in the Chidakasa; and then Hanuman. In 
due course, Siva and Sakti change into two Divine Feet which, inturn, become SRI 
Realize that you, the self, your Guru, the entire Universe, the Divine Feet and 
Sri chakra are all one and indivisible. This “ abheda bhavanam” is Sri Chakra 
poojanam, and it is also greatest meditation.
May All be blessed by Sri Umananda Natha – who is the Divine Mother Herself- 
with good health, long life, enough wealth, prosperity and wisdom. 

GAURISA i.e Lord Shiva is witness for Siddhi. This is True

Sriguro Dakhsinamurthe Bhakthanugrahakaraka
Anunjnam dehi bhgavan srichakrayayajanayame
Tikshnadanta mahakaya Kalpanta dahanapoma
Bhiravaya Namasthubhyam Anujnam datumarahasi

with regards

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