[Advaita-l] Three bramhacharis in one home

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Namaskarams Siva Senani Garu,
This is a very practical issue in my family. My sister is having three sons and the age difference between each of them is not more than 2.5 years. The eldest had his upanayanam done in 2010 and for the second one it happened this month. It will be atleast another 10 to 15 years before the eldest one gets married. Keeping these practical considerations, I request the members to share their views on this.

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Well, I did hear this that there should not be three brahmacharis in a house - though I do not yet know the basis. My father (we are Apastamba sutra followers) had three brothers, so I had asked whether my youngest uncle was upaneeta only after my eldest uncle got married, but I am yet to get a clear answer. Anyhow, nowadays it is rare to have four children, let alone four sons, so the question is not much tested in practice, I guess.

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>Is there any restrictions in any Dharma Shastra's (Smritis) or Sutras about NOT doing UPANAYANAM for the third male child if the elder brother is not married because there will be three brahmacharis in a single home?
>The reason I could gather was that marriages to some of those male children will not happen. The reason is not very convincing.
>What is the alternative suggested in such cases?
>Can the elite members of the forum please share their views on the above topic?
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