[Advaita-l] Entire Rigveda Samhita in a single DVD

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Sun Jun 26 07:31:54 CDT 2011

Received from Veda Bharathi. Thought some people would be interested.
We are happy to introduce that SHRI VEDA BHARATHI is a Public Charitable Trust of India, dedicated for research in Vedas and Sanskrit. As part of its mega project of Preservation and propagation of Vedic wisdom,  SVB has brought out an audio DVD containing more than 10 thousand mantras. The details of the DVD are given below. For more details, our website www.shrivedabharathi.org may please be browsed.

Requesting you to encourage and support the efforts of SVB,

Yours sincerely
Dr.Remella Avadhanulu
Chief Executive, Shri Veda Bharathi
(Former Deputy Director( Computers), Nizam's Institute of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad)


1.The Rigveda  DVD, developed by Shri Veda Bharathi, is unique of its kind in the world of Audio CDs and DVDs. At the first instant itself, the high quality print of the titles and texture captures the attention of the users and gives an immediate feel of holy subject in modern format. The graceful appearance of sages and Sun God on its front cover and majestic design of engravings on the shiny copper plates in the backdrop are indicative of the contents and earlier containers.
2. The present DVD  contains the traditional  chantings, by an authoritative Vedic scholar, of the entire Rigveda Samhita, which is the most voluminous part of  the sacred Vedic literature.

3.This has the audio files of all the 10,552 mantras, belonging to the  1028 Suktas of Sakala branch of Rigveda,  distributed under  64  chapters/ Adhyayas.

4.The DVD can run continuously  for  about 30 hours.

5.The DVD starts with a prayer highlighting the glory of  Rigveda. This is followed by  an introduction narrating the status of Vedic literature and the need for preservation and propagation of Vedic knowledge.

6 The DVD further contains chapterwise introductions, for all the 64 chapters of Rigveda, and provides encyclopaedia information like details of Ashtakas, Adhyayas, Mandalas, Suktas, Rishis, Devatas and Chandas before the commencement of the chantings of each chapter.

7.The particular type of rendering in this DVD is referred to as Moolam or Samhita mode of chanting.

8.A Guide is also supplied along with the DVD.  With the help of  index  key parameters provided and file formats described therein,   the audio  tracks of any Sukta of Rigveda in the  DVD can be located instantaneously and the contents can be accessed randomly. This in fact proves to be a powerful tool and saves the user time significantly.

9. However, if the user so chooses, he can play the  DVD sequentially also, that is, from the beginning till the end of the recordings, continuously.

10. The DVD is priced @ Rs.500/- in India, and US$50/- in other countries.

APPEAL: SHRI VEDA BHARATHI (SVB), the Public Charitable Trust of India,   seeks the generous support  of all devotees of Sanatana Dharma  through  encouragement to SVB products and also through liberal donations  for bringing out several such products related to our invaluable Vedic wisdom and Indian heritage!!!

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