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Namaste Srikant:

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With reference to the above comments,i have the following observations:

Even the modern deseases like cancer,aids do not know the cause.there is no security.We see only 'Inhumanism"with all these discoveries of science and Technology.

Please elaborate of what do you mean by "Inhumanism". I have no clue what you are talking about.

Anyone who ignores "pratyaksha" deserves to suffer.  If you tell me that India is not suffering then please do gloat on Vedanta.

..The vedanta treats the entire causes from the karma point of view.Even though the earth has abudant wealth, there is still starvation.

IMO - Can you please explain me ignoring the knowledge is the biggest sin. -  R^ite j~naanaana muktiH

Man is still afraid of the death.the creation of atom bomb by such brilliant scientist has killed the humans.

ashtraavakra thus correctly states - moksha kaamasa moksha deva bibhiShikaa.

Also, can you recall, how may were killed in mahaabhaarata ?  Did not talk about astra, when droNa telss ashvathaama to lay low to the ground to avoid exposure.  Wre they not having the weapons of mass destruction?

Did kR^iShNaa ever tell arjuna to give up? On the contrary he tells him to get ready and fight.

The proliferation of dehabhimana has only increased the myth that  the body is permanent.The material advancement has only increased the glorification of 'flesh'which even the christians despise in their Psalms.

This "sanyaasa" model is probably the root cause of total "satyaanaasa" , as Indians gave-up their identity.  and at the same time elevated British to the level of Gods.  Lord Mackule, Lord Curzon, Lord Mpountbatten .... etc. and refer to vedick divinities as "Lord" as well  (Lord ViShNu", Lord shiiva .... etc).

The point I am trying to make is that Veda has some observational knowledge that is applicable to the present.  Our sages made lot of effort preserve the text through oral traditions (ghana paaTha, jaTaapaaTha, pdapaaTha, rathapaaTha, rekhipaaTha ... etc) but there is not effort to understand what they may have done so and what was that knowledge can come of it be useful to make our lives better?

.Acharya Shankara became sanyaasi by giving up his personal family, but did he not create even a bigger family by establishing various maTha in call corners of India.. With introduction of pa~Ncaayatana puujaa he tred to unite various groups and cults ( saiva, vaiShNava, gaaNapatya, devi uapaasaka ....etc). 

If you say the vedanta is not science then please read Dr. Sadananda's post carfully.  It is science and nothing but the science that uses the scientific methodologies.  My point is that Vedaanti have no desire to apply their vendanta by ignoring the existing knowledge "veda". 

Dr. Yadu

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