[Advaita-l] Modern Science and Vedanta

Srikanta Narayanaswami srikanta.narayanaswami at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 23 08:51:37 CDT 2011

I am not aware of any living "videhamukta" individual who practices 
advaita, including the any of the living Shnakaraachary's of any Matha? 

Let us take the practical example from vedic literature about "malaria" (known as takman).

Suuktakaara expresses his desire to drive out the maleria (takman) in the direction of "baahlika" (some archaeologists identify this are Bactria province 
near AfagaaNisthan).

This tells us that 
Maleria was there and they had a desire to drive it our of their country / community.  Has chanting the suukta with correct udaatta, andaatta, 
svarita  ....... etc helped the situation for 1000's of years? Answer is no. Here, Advatic Vedaanti would say that is vyavahaarika dvaita and we have nothing to do with it we are only here to talk about advaita only.

It is the scientist who 
recognized that Chinsona bark contains Quinine. So when British came 
that quickly realized and creating a drink "Jin & Tonic" that can 
possibly prevent malaria.  So this is practicing advaita as well.  Here, knowledge of malaria and quinine is acknowledged and that was consumed 
for prevention.  This is the practical viniyoga of paata~Njala Yoga Sütra(2.16) heyaM duHkhama anaagatam,
which literally means avoiding the misery that has not yet manifested.  
Is that not what Acharya also advocates to become ONE with the outside 
knowledge. yaH saakshata kurute porabodha samaye svaatmaana mevo dvayam ?
With reference to the above comments,i have the following observations:
it is not necessary that the 'Videhamuktha"has to publlcise as an  practitioner of Advaita.He need not have a sticker stuk on his forehead as a "videhamuktha"we have the example of Ramana Maharshi who was an "Videhamuktha".The diagnosis of malaria from the point of medicine may be there,but no one can say why it has attacked.Even the modern deseases like cancer,aids do not know the cause.there is no security.We see only 'Inhumanism"with all these discoveries of science and Technology.
..The vedanta treats the entire causes from the karma point of view.Even though the earth has abudant wealth,there is still starvation.Man is still afraid of the death.the creation of atom bomb by such brilliant scientist has killed the humans.The proliferation of dehabhimana has only increased the myth that  the body is permanent.The material advancement has only increased the glorification of 'flesh'which even the christians despise in their Psalms.

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