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Shree Satchitananda sastryji - PraNAms
To have a clear vision of advaitic truth only, one needs to approach a competent teacher and study Vedanta for a length of time until there are no more doubts such as these you have asked.
Advaita by definition cannot be a anubhava. It is a clear understanding that -what I am looking for is what I am already - where the seeker and sought have become one - not at physical or transactional plane- but from the plane of understanding. Going beyond etc are all figurative terms used to indicate that the truth that I am cannot be objectified; yet intensely experienced all the time, whether one knows it or not. What do I have to do to experience myself as myself? I am myself all the time, even though I take myself something other than myself. It is an understanding that I am the substratum of both the subject-object duality that is perceived or experienced in all my transactions. That is the advaita, in spite of apparent dvaita or experiencer-experienced-experiencing triad. 
For clear understanding I recommend to study - tat tvam asi - in the www.advaitaforum.org, the series of articles that appeared in this list as well, couple of years ago.  
Hari Om!

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What are the steps we initiate for  experiencing  the concept of Advaita

Is it possible to make a begining with this panchendrias. If so how !

Like one tries to imagine on outer circumference while being within a circle

Is it for mere knowledge we are discussing Advaita

What are the mental projections required to go beyond mind and manas but
taking their help at the start

How do we integrate Mahavakyas given by Sankaracharya from upanishads to
wards advaiata !

- Satchidananda sastry Jammalamadaka

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