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Dear Sriram,
The only moral of the story I can see is that "There were no morals" !
They did what ever they wanted (just like the US politicians or for that  
matter any politician) and made rules as they went along
and also tried a firewall that in Kali uga people will question this. No  
sane person can take this as moral values.
This is like the TV evangelicals here in US, who had sexual escapades and  
then cry and apologise and we all stand in awe ,"Oh what a penance they  
How could learned people take such rediculous stories for moral values?  
Atleast one thing I take from this is that " It is not to whom you were  
born or
how you were born, any body has the potential to become great"


On Jun 11, 2011 10:00am, advaita-l-request at lists.advaita-vedanta.org wrote:

> So, the moral of these is that, riShIs, even though, they succumb to the  
> pressures of

> Virtues & vices, they regain their lost lusture, ojas sakti, tapas sakti  
> through performance

> of penance with doubled-vigour and prAyaschittAs.? They possess so much of

> mental strength that they used to perform ?chAndrAyaNa vrata? as a part  
> of prAyaschitta.

> We ordinary mortals neither perform the tapas like the ancient seers nor  
> possess

> the mental stamina of performance of prAyaschitta kANDa.? ?We can?t skip  
> our morning meals and night dinner for one day, what to speak  
> of ?chAndrAyaNa vratta?.?

> ?

> So, one is free to emulate them and exercise free will provided, they too  
> possess the

> tapas sakti like that of our ancient seers.? And hence, the source of  
> origin of rivers &

> seers should not be asked (riShi mUla & nadi mUla).

> >

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