[Advaita-l] Sincere vs. Pseudo Vedantins

Ramakrishna Upadrasta uramakrishna at gmail.com
Fri Jul 29 06:42:00 CDT 2011

This is the algorithm a normal and sincere vedantin would follow when
reading a well written set of arguments:

1. put aside all "learnings" in the mind.
2. understand with a calm mind what the author is saying.
3. ask oneself which part goes against scripture/reasoning/anubhava.
4. compose a mail.
5. save it in drafts (gmail and other mail facilities provide this facility).
6. come back to the drafts after some time.
7. ask oneself if sending the mail is really necessary, with erring in
the side of caution
8. send only if necessary, with sufficient politeness.

Following an algorithm like the above would make reading the list
mails, as a vedaanta-saadhana.


A notable aspect of "pseudo vedantins with lot of false learnings" is
the lack of basic comprehension skills. Basic comprehension skills
means reading a paragraph and understanding what the author is saying
without criticizing it. Reading the paragraph with "criticizing mode"
clouds the mind and is surely a sign of dambha which is extremely
opposing to "vedanta seeping in". Such a laxaNa is an AsurI pravRitti
which Lord Krishna has pointed out more than once.

This is a "vedantin" with lot of dambha and "false learnings" and
"superficial learnings" would respond to a well reasoned, and well
argued mail of substance.

1. read part of the message with a criticizing attitude.
2. read every statement with an attitude of "how opposing can I put
this statement so that I can send a reply"
3. unable to control the urge to send the mail without proper understanding
4. wanting to send the mail at the first sign of urge to send.

All these show in a way, severe lack of dhaaraNa, samaana pratyaya
pravaaha ..., pratyaahara etc. in yogic terminology. Further it shows
lack of vaak-tapas as Lord Krishna listed in 17th chapter. But more
than these, it shows a basic lack of maanitvaM, and severe excess of
dambha, the first two steps of the qualities as Lord Krishna explained
in his 13th chapter.

May Ishvara grant all of us sufficient amount of daivi-saMpat and
remove the AsurI saMpat.

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