[Advaita-l] bhaktas in Adwaita tradition

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> From the above we understand that Gaudapada had performed intense penance
> at
> Badarikashrama and Lord Narayana, pleased with the tapas, blessed Gaudapada
> with Knowledge.
RV: This is a good one. Is there something where they relish relationship
like Andal? For example  govindashtakam talks about of goshti mandala goshti
bhedam and dig vijayams describe padmapada experiencing narasimha's voice
but the hunter experiencing form as well. However, as you know, these
are not totally reliable works as the bhashyams are.
It is said on the Gaudapada that he performed penance at the Badarikashrama and Bhagavan Narayana blessed Gaudapada with the knowledge of Adwaita which is chanted by Gaudapada in the following karika:
"Jnanema Akasha kalpena Dharmanyo Gaganopaman!
Jneyabhinnena Sambuddhah Tam Vande Dvipadam Varam!1-Alatashanti prakarana IV.
With the Jnana which is comparable to the sky(Akasha Kalpena))those Dharmas(beings)which are like the sky(gaganopaman),
who knows well(or realises well)Sambuddhah)that which is seen(Jneyabhinnena),I offer my obeisance
to that Best among the Bipeds,the Purushottama!
since the Bhagavan himself is in the form of Jnana,he may verywell appear before Gaudapada who is also a Jnani.

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