[Advaita-l] Poor Parabrahman!!

Vidyasankar Sundaresan svidyasankar at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 26 10:37:33 CDT 2011

> > In that case dvaitins should not argue that akAyaM is meant to say 
> aprAkruta kAya..dvaitins cannot selectively interpret one for their 
> convenience & discard other :-))
> He cannot be Sthula because it is not Kalyana Guna. He cannot be fat. 

Oh yes, He can. Why is fatness not a kalyANa guNa in itself? It indicates
wealth and general prosperity. gaNeSa's form as lambodara is worthy
of worship, whereas vRkodara (bhIma the pANDava) is not a god. In
China, the big, fat and jolly Budai (laughing Buddha) is a very popular
image in Buddhist temples. Generally, chubbiness is a kalyANa guNa for
a child! In Western art, the cherub was typically depicted as a fat child.
It is all a function of human perceptions of form and proportion, which
are very context and culture dependent. 
The contemporary preference for heavily built-up muscular bodies for
the male form and anorexic/bulimic figures for the female form is fed
by media images, based on on a very narrow definition and unrealistic
expectations of human beauty and form. 


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