[Advaita-l] Poor Parabrahman!!

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Tue Jul 26 07:29:09 CDT 2011


Hare Krishna

Just a quick shot before closing shop at office :-))

Sriman Narayana is Ananta Kalyana Guna Mahodadhi. He has countless
Kalyana Gunas only but not Heya Gunas. 

> Not so, he is everything, you cannot put barriers around him and say he 
is only 'this' much..that makes him finite irrespective of his 'ananta' 
kalyAna guNa..

If you say He has Vrana it is not correct because Vrana is not Kalyana 

>  In that case dvaitins should not argue that akAyaM is meant to say 
aprAkruta kAya..dvaitins cannot selectively interpret one for their 
convenience & discard other :-))

He cannot be Sthula because it is not Kalyana Guna. He cannot be fat. 

>  but smruti says he is aNurbruhat krusha stUlo...and svetAshwatara 
shruti too..

We have to take both Nirguna Sruti and Saguna Sruti 

>  yes, advaitins do that without any hesitation :-))

If Nirguna Sruti says Apanipadam Achakshu but Saguna Sruti says Sahsra 
Shirsha Purusha Sahasrakshaha
Sahasrapat. You cannot make Saguna Sruti false.

>  where did I say saguNa shruti is false?  I am just asking for the 
consistency in interpreting the same shruti vAkya-s by dvaitins. 

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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