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On Thu, 7 Jul 2011, Shyam wrote:

> It will be interesting here to note that what are considered to be the 
> most important works for initiates in NyAyA are Shri Jayamta's NyAyA 
> Manjari and Shri AnnamBhatta's Tarka Sangraha.

Is the Nyaya Manjari widely studied?  I was under the impression it is of 
antiquarian interest only.

I am told the course of study in Nyaya is step by step:

1. Tarka Sangraha of Annam Bhatta with his own commentary Dipika.

2. Bhasha Pariccheda or Karikavali of Vishwanath Tarkapanchanana 
Bhattacharya with his own commentary Siddhanta Muktavali and the tikas 
Dinkari of Dinakara Bhatta and Ramarudri of Ramarudra Tarkavagisha 

3. Tattvachintamani of Gangesh Upadhyaya with commentary Didhiti by 
Raghunath Tarkashiromani Bhattacharya and its tika Jagadishi by Jagadish 
Tarkalankara Bhattacharya and Gadadhari by Gadadhara Bhattacharya.

4. Advanced works on aspects of Nyaya by Raghunatha, Gadadhara etc.

3. in particular ushered in a new school of thought called Navya Nyaya as 
others have mentioned which eclipsed the nyaya sutras, vaisheshika 
sutras, their commentaries and all the ancient literature on Nyaya and 
Vaisheshika darshanas.

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