[Advaita-l] 'nyAya' and 'tarka'

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It will be interesting here to note that what are considered to be the most 
important works for initiates in NyAyA are Shri Jayamta's NyAyA Manjari and Shri 
AnnamBhatta's Tarka Sangraha.
Hari OM. 

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> RV: My original criticism was with respect to interchangeably using nyaya
> (whole) and tarka (part)

From the above observation of yours I am unable to understand what exactly
you mean.

Do you object to the interchange of the use of the terms 'nyaya' and

Is it your understanding that 'nyaya' is a certain 'whole' as in a 'set' and
tarka is a part of it?

Pl. clarify your stand with appropriate support from standard texts.  Pl.
give at least one instance each of the usage of the two terms from whatever
work you have read with your justification of the usages and why they cannot
be interchanged.

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