[Advaita-l] shankara as suhastaH

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{{{But Sankara's birth is later to vedas therefore we
cannot expect a reference to him in the vedas either covertly or overtly.
Such things are like Bacon's signatures in Shakespeare's dramas.

 Even in the rudra bhAshya, you will find one such instance for the mantra
"vyuptakEshAya cha".  Though the vyuptakEsha indicate one with shaven head,
Abhinava Sankara interprets this as a pointer towards Sankara Bhagavatpada.}}}

Just to add to this, in the shiva purANa, probably somewhere in the beginning, 
one sees a big list of various avatAra-s as aMsha-s of shiva in diferent yuga-s 
etc and the description vyuptakesha can be applied to some of them.

In the shaiva shAsana, an aMsha is not exactly like an avatAra but it is 
understood and used in a very different sense.

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