[Advaita-l] विशिष्टतिथयः Special days

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Tue Jul 12 03:58:27 CDT 2011

Dear Krishnachaitanya,
What is the significance of Toli Ekadasi which was observered on July
11, 2011.  Why is it called Toli?  It certainly not the first ekadasi
of the year, as per the hindu calendar...
There are several versions to it as per telugu calender.  One of the version
is that as per the earlier almanac, the telugu new year commenced with
the month of Ashada (other than ugAdi) and hence the ashadha shuddha ekadasi 
is the 1st ekadasi of the year.  
But whatever be the almanac, logically speaking, AShADha shuddha dasami marks
the herald of chAturmAsya vrata which lasts for 4 months till Asvija (from shayana ekAdasi to utthAna ekAdai).  These 4 months are considered to be extremely auspicious for both sanyasis and grihasthas.  The AshADha shuddha EkAdasi is the prathama sOpAna 
for mOkSha mArga.  And hence, called prathama EkAdai or toli EkAdasi.
One should spend these 4 months in vedanta sravaNa & manana. 


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