[Advaita-l] chanDI yAga at Madhwa institutions

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I doubt Shankara would object to such a Vinayaka if he was born about
500 years later or more. :)

On 6 July 2011 14:23, V Subrahmanian <v.subrahmanian at gmail.com> wrote:
> Recently when I visited the PoorNaprajna vidyApITha for the
> न्यायामृत-अद्वैतसिद्धकार्यशाला I noticed a banner announcing a 'chaNDI yAga'
> presided by the junior Pejawar Swamiji.  I had not known till then that this
> kind of yaga was performed by the madhwas too.  Later I came to know that
> they too do the parayaNa of durgA saptashatI and use it for this yaga.
> In the Bhagavatam, RukmiNi goes to the durgA temple just prior to her being
> 'abducted' by Krishna on the eve of the wedding with shishupAla.  Is durgA a
> deity worshiped/worshipable by sattvika-s?  In the mitAkShara vyAkhyAna for
> the yajnavalkya smRti, for the word देवान्-उग्रान्  examples of durgA and
> Aditya are given. Gopi-s are said to have performed 'kAtyAyani vRata' for
> getting good husbands.  The 'tiruppaavai' of AnDAl too records a similar
> event.
> At the end of the details of vinAyaka worship, the above smRti says that
> vinAyaka would even bless one with mokSha by giving Atma jnAna.  Would
> Shankara denounce the worship of 'such'  a vinAyaka?
> Om Tat Sat
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