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A typical hierarchy in a corporate office which has Accounts, HR, Projects, Business Development, Sr. Management, VP, SVP, CEO, Chairman.  Sr. Management consists of officers of top management who can also be the decision makers but are not equal to Chairman.  It is similar to this. 


Thanks for bringing the practical example from the present. But I think m\needs a slight modification.

All the individual departments are  "maatR^ikaa's" and can make their own decisions. All decisions prevail as long as they are for the common good and the same "GOAL" for the same organization. 

Chairman's role of to evaluate and confirm that the interests of the organization are not getting violated in any manner.  

IMO - That is practicing "ADAITA".  THis can be applied to saarvajanika goals "moksha" as well.


Dr. Yadu

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