[Advaita-l] Modern science and Vedanta

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Fri Jul 1 05:18:11 CDT 2011

If not, why then sahasranAma says 'hAkini rUpa dhAriNi' lAkini rUpa 
dhAriNi', kAkini rUpa dhAriNi etc. (since she loves the curd rice so much 
she will take the form of crow etc.)  
These yOgini gaNAs on account of their tapas have attained such a state that they
have almost reached the sArUpya sthiti.   Having attained such state, they became
the dEvI's vibhUtIs.  
If you observe the Devi Mahatmya, during the shumbha & nishumbha vadha, Chandika
withdraws all the mAtrika shaktIs into Herself and says "ekai vAhaM jagat yatra
dvitIyA ka mamAparA........".   Thus saying so, Chandika withdraws the sapta-mAtrikAs
into Herself.  This reverberates with the vaidika devi sukta "ahaM rudrEbhir vasubhiH charAmi....".
This is an instance to show that Devi is sarva-vyApaka and because of Her presence in
all these vibhUtIs, they mAtrika gaNAs are able to perform their duties deligently. The 
bali to the corresponding yOgini reaches the Devi ultimately thereby paving the way for
opening the corresponding chakras and granthi bhEdana.  
A typical hierarchy in a corporate office which has Accounts, HR, Projects, Business Development, Sr. Management, VP, SVP, CEO, Chairman.  Sr. Management consists of officers of top management who can also be the decision makers but are not equal to Chairman.  It is similar to this. 
I believe i am drifting away from forum guidelines.  I stop here.

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