[Advaita-l] A query on 'kRishNa-sakha' in shriimad-bhaagavataM

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The sloka as I have heard from my father whenever there is thunder goes like
this Arjuna phalguna partha: kiriti swetha vahana: The rest of the sloka is 
as mentioned.R.Krishnamoorthy
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> praNAms Shri Sastri-ji,
> 2011/1/25 S.N. Sastri <sn.sastri at gmail.com>:
>> Dear Ramakrishna,
>> SridharIyam explains kRishNasakha as 'arjunasya sakhe'.
>> If Draupadi was meant, it would be kRishnAsakhe because Draupadi is
>> kRishNA
>> (fem).
> Thanks a lot for the explanation.
> praNAms Shri Anand-ji,
> 2011/1/25 Anand Hudli <ahudli at gmail.com>:
>> shrIdhara svAmin explains "kR^iShNasakha" simply as "arjunasya sakhe". To
>> see why arjuna is called Krishna we may consult the mahAbhArata.
>> In the virATa parva, Arjuna tells Uttara his ten names among which
>> "Krishna"
>> is one:
>> 0040390083/.arjunah.phalguno.jiSNuh.kiriiTii.zveta.vaahanah./
>> 0040390085/.biibhatsur.vijayah.kRSNah.savya.saacii.dhanamjayah.//
> Thanks for this shloka. I "mostly" remember it as it was taught in my
> childhood by my grandfather (a veda scholar, who is no more) to be
> recited at the time of 'megha-garjana'. Only that instead of 'jiSNu',
> I remember 'pArtha' and have forgotten the name 'kRishNa'.
>> Uttara then asks arjuna why he is called by those ten names:
>> 0040390091/.kena.asi.vijayas.naama.kena.asi.zveta.vaahanah./{uttara}
>> 0040390093/.kiriiTii.naama.kena.asi.savya.saacii.katham.bhavaan.//
>> 0040390101/.arjunah.phalguno.jiSNuh.kRSNas.biibhatsur.eva.ca./
>> 0040390103/.dhanamjayaz.ca.kena.asi.prabruuhi.mama.tattvatah./
>> 0040390105/.zrutaa.me.tasya.viirasya.kevalaa.naama.hetavah.//10
>> arjuna explains each of those ten names. Regarding Krishna, he says
>> that seeing his dark complexion, his father, pANDu, gave him that name,
>> out
>> of affection. (kRSNa;ity.eva.dazamam.naama.cakre.pitaa.mama)
> Given the story of birth of pANDu and his "albinic whiteness"
> (obviously with knowledge: 'paNDit' has the same root 'paNDa'), it is
> a little ironic that pANDu named arjuna as one who has dark
> complexion.
> praNAms to both of you scholars again for responding to my query.
> (Earlier, a co-student also confirmed the same that there is a
> vyAkaraNa-sUtra on gender change of the word 'sakha'.)
> dhanyavaadaH
> Ramakrishna
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