[Advaita-l] A query on 'kRishNa-sakha' in shriimad-bhaagavataM

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Tue Jan 25 10:09:09 CST 2011

Posting the derivation here just for the sake of completness

अलौकिकविग्रहवाक्यम् is राजन् ङस् सखि सुँ
1. राजन् सखि - सुपो धातुप्रातिपदिकयोः causes सुब्लुक्
2. राजन् सखि टच् - राजाहःसखिभ्यष्टच् the प्रत्ययः टच् is added to the
above समासान्तः
3. राजसख - यस्तेति च gives टिलोपः (इ in सखि takes लोपः) and the न्
drops due to नलोपः प्रातिपदिकान्तस्य
4. By परवल्लिङ्गं द्वन्द्वतत्पुरुषयोः राजसख should be treated as
अकारन्तः पुँल्लिङ्गः and can be declined like रामशब्दः

On Tue, Jan 25, 2011 at 1:53 AM, Ramakrishna Upadrasta
<uramakrishna at gmail.com> wrote:
> praNAms Shri Sastri-ji,
> 2011/1/25 S.N. Sastri <sn.sastri at gmail.com>:
>> Dear Ramakrishna,
>> SridharIyam explains kRishNasakha as 'arjunasya sakhe'.
>> If Draupadi was meant, it would be kRishnAsakhe because Draupadi is kRishNA
>> (fem).
> Thanks a lot for the explanation.
> praNAms Shri Anand-ji,
> 2011/1/25 Anand Hudli <ahudli at gmail.com>:
>> shrIdhara svAmin explains "kR^iShNasakha" simply as "arjunasya sakhe". To
>> see why arjuna is called Krishna we may consult the mahAbhArata.
>> In the virATa parva, Arjuna tells Uttara his ten names among which "Krishna"
>> is one:
>> 0040390083/.arjunah.phalguno.jiSNuh.kiriiTii.zveta.vaahanah./
>> 0040390085/.biibhatsur.vijayah.kRSNah.savya.saacii.dhanamjayah.//
> Thanks for this shloka. I "mostly" remember it as it was taught in my
> childhood by my grandfather (a veda scholar, who is no more) to be
> recited at the time of 'megha-garjana'. Only that instead of 'jiSNu',
> I remember 'pArtha' and have forgotten the name 'kRishNa'.
>> Uttara then asks arjuna why he is called by those ten names:
>> 0040390091/.kena.asi.vijayas.naama.kena.asi.zveta.vaahanah./{uttara}
>> 0040390093/.kiriiTii.naama.kena.asi.savya.saacii.katham.bhavaan.//
>> 0040390101/.arjunah.phalguno.jiSNuh.kRSNas.biibhatsur.eva.ca./
>> 0040390103/.dhanamjayaz.ca.kena.asi.prabruuhi.mama.tattvatah./
>> 0040390105/.zrutaa.me.tasya.viirasya.kevalaa.naama.hetavah.//10
>> arjuna explains each of those ten names. Regarding Krishna, he says
>> that seeing his dark complexion, his father, pANDu, gave him that name, out
>> of affection. (kRSNa;ity.eva.dazamam.naama.cakre.pitaa.mama)
> Given the story of birth of pANDu and his "albinic whiteness"
> (obviously with knowledge: 'paNDit' has the same root 'paNDa'), it is
> a little ironic that pANDu named arjuna as one who has dark
> complexion.
> praNAms to both of you scholars again for responding to my query.
> (Earlier, a co-student also confirmed the same that there is a
> vyAkaraNa-sUtra on gender change of the word 'sakha'.)
> dhanyavaadaH
> Ramakrishna
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