[Advaita-l] Trust for veda patashala

Ramakrishna Upadrasta uramakrishna at gmail.com
Thu Jan 6 13:51:31 CST 2011


Interesting thread indeed! Thanks for Shri Ram Kumar for starting it.

In my opinion, it is good if Hindu Temples in USA start a "veda
pAThashAla fund" and contribute some part of their revenue for the
same. They could as well contribute to some established maThas back in
India, as a way of dharma-saMraxaNa, though actually, they only
"paying back" because they  (Hindu temples of USA) had benefited in
the form of priests.

Instead, the trend seems to be to do more local development (using
management terms like fund raising, expansion etc.), rather than
contributing *back* to pAThashAla-s back in India.

Please note that the priests over there do not have much say in this,
and are used much like cash-cows, though they voice similar requests
many times.

As to the question, here are two pAThashala-s I would like others to know about:


The teacher Shri Govind Khadkikar Sharma, is an ex-student of my Vedic
Guruji, and is based in Hyderabad. The youtube channel is by my

One Pandit in this school is Shri Gopikrishna Sharma
(http://sbtvf.org/pathashala/scholars.php), is a dvivedi, just like
his elder brother, and am fortunate to have met him in my trip to
Sringeri last year.

Please let me know by private mail if you want more contact details of
any of the above.


2011/1/6 vishwanthan Krishnamoorthy <krishvishy at yahoo.com>:
> thats a good idea, lets just start a website with list of patashalas and their
> brief description
> we can setup something in sites.google

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