[Advaita-l] Trust for veda patashala

vishwanthan Krishnamoorthy krishvishy at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 5 18:24:13 CST 2011

thats a good idea, lets just start a website with list of patashalas and their 
brief description

we can setup something in sites.google 


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Thanks Sriram,

For sharing the link, there needs to be a web page atleast which details the
list of veda patashalas and the contact persons. Anybody having information
can contribute that and we can compile it

Found details about another one patashala, which is being run by a doctor,
who wanted to preserve dharma at a late stage in his life after reading
kanchi periyavas discourses and therefore learned vedas and opened up a
patashala near cuddalore, tn

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