[Advaita-l] Thank you and Bye

Rajaram Venkataramani rajaramvenk at gmail.com
Wed Jan 5 16:34:02 CST 2011

I came to this forum to have my doubts clarified and am indeed thankful to
the members on this forum for taking the time to respond to my queries.
However, in my view, knowledge means to come to firm conclusion consistent
with tradition. Lord Krishna says, "I am vada", which leads to a firm
conclusion. I find that this forum has diverse views inconsistent with
tradition even on basic dharma and srauta topics such as ahimsa and animal
sacrifice. On Vedanta, I have been labouring for weeks to understand the
view of traditional scholars on Isvara. There is one view that He is
paramartika and there is another that He is vyavaharika. There are multiple
views on form of Isvara. Also, there is lack of clarity on Saguna Brahman
and Savisesha Brahman. Given the extent of the subject, I dont think that an
unmoderated internet forum is a way for me to learn. To be quite frank, I
would have liked to see methodical approach to each topic. For example, what
does sruti and smrti say about Isvara? What is the interpretation by
acharyas? How is this interpretation justified based on nirukta, nyaya,
vyakharana etc.?  But given everyone's knowledge level and pre-occcupations,
I dont think it is fair to expect that in a forum. Hence, I have decided to
leave the forum but wanted to leave the feedback in case the moderators may
consider giving it more structure in future. I think it is a great fortune
to have sat sangha and by leaving the forum, I am just saving time. The
devotees on this forum have a place in my heart and my namaskarams. My
prayers and best wishes for the success in propagation of Veda Dharma.

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